Getting A CKC-USA Registered Puppy

Are you thinking of getting a Continental Kennel Club registered puppy? If you are, make sure that you check the CKC-USA papers first and foremost. This is the only way to be sure that the puppy is actually registered, instead of just claiming to be. This should take place either before the sale or at the time of sale.

So what is Continental Kennel Club? It’s an all-breed canine registry which is comprised of knowledgeable dog owners, experienced breeders, dog training experts, and a number of professional partners who have pooled their expertise to provide a high quality organization for dog and puppy registration, regardless of breed. If you need to register a dog or a puppy litter, CKC-USA is more than happy to help you!


Continental Kennel Club lends helping hand to breeders

Although open to all canine owners and lover, Continental Kennel Club extends specialized, additional information to breeders both new and experienced. This information is also available free of charge on the site with even more pertinent details readily and regularly accessible to club members. Continental Kennel Club aims to prepare breeders as best as possible for the entire process of bringing new puppies into the world. From readying a dog to mate to carrying a litter to the birth process then sharing those bred animals with excited potential owners, this knowledgeable resource is filled to its brim with the right information to prepare people for the various facets and factors involved in breeding.

First and foremost, Continental Kennel Club tries to help dog owners with a few pivotal details to decide whether or not breeding their animals is the right move forward. After all, they note it’s a decision not to be taken lightly. Not every dog can be bred — an owner needs to consider if the dog is physically and genetically sound as well as otherwise healthy, including free of diseases, disorders and other defects, including those that might make mating or carrying a litter a burdensome task. An owner must secondly also strive to breed his or her pet with another dog in the same breed’s standards — and CKC can assist with this information for pet owners who need help assessing which dogs exhibit similar characteristics. A breeder should also ensure a veterinarian provides a healthy go-ahead. CKC can always offer more specific details for experienced breeders and those just beginning.

Continental Kennel Club: Canine Registration Services

Ever since 1991, one of the top canine registration services in the world has been Continental Kennel Club. They become so successful by offering canine registration services, and products, cheaply and effectively. They run a variety of events for canine breeders and owners, like breed evaluation shows, field trials, and performance events. This demonstrates Continental Kennel Club’s dedication to their clients and their needs. The mission of the Continental Kennel Club includes a dedication to educating both the public and club members about canines and canine needs in order to help individuals have superior relationships with their dogs. They raise awareness about canine issues through direct mail efforts, magazines, training seminars, and a significant online presence.

As one of the largest canine registries in the world, Continental Kennel Club records hundreds of thousands of registries each year. They attract this flood of registries each year because they have a reputation of being fast, efficient, and accurate in their record processing and keeping. They go above and beyond, too, by offering things like free litter registration to members of the Continental Kennel Club.
In addition to the other publications, the Continental Kennel Club publishes a monthly newsletter. This newsletter informs members, event participants, and breeders of occurrences both in the club and elsewhere.